In The Sisters Brothers UK Trailer John C.Reilly And Joaquin Phoenix Are Guns For Hire

After the golden era of John Wayne Westerns, the genre was nearly wiped off the face of the earth. Thankfully the past few years there’s been a resurgence with the latest been The Sisters Brothers.

After the quiet marketing of the film Stateside, Universal Pictures kicks-off the UK promotion with the film’s first UK Trailer. Jacques Audiard (Rust and Bone, A Prophet)directs, The Sisters Brothers is a reimagining of the cinematic Western as a dangerous, witty, and emotionally cathartic exploration of what it means to be a man.

Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly play our titular characters, Charlie and Eli Sisters, guns for hire. The pair is given the with killing a prospector who has stolen from their boss. However, the pair like to bicker a lot can they achieve their task?
The film came with a lot of hype and those sites who have seen the film state it lives up to the hype. Winning the Silver Lion for Best director for Audiard, for his first English Language film. Enough said, sign us up!

It is 1851, and Charlie and Eli Sisters (Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly) are both brothers and assassins, boys grown to men in a savage and hostile world. They have blood on their hands: that of criminals, that of innocents…and they know no state of existence other than being gunmen. The older of the two, introspective Eli (Reilly) rides hard with his younger sibling yet dares to dream of a normal life. The younger of the two, hard-drinking Charlie (Phoenix) has taken charge with gusto as lead man on the duo’s assignments. Each increasingly questions, and quibbles with, the other’s methods.

The Sisters brothers find themselves on a journey through the Northwest, bringing them to the mountains of Oregon, a dangerous brothel in the small town of Mayfield, and eventually, the Gold Rush land of California — a journey that will test the deadly family ties that bind. But, can it also be the path to rediscovering what remains of their humanity?

The film also stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Rutger Hauer and Riz Ahmed.

The Sisters Brothers will be released in the UK and Ireland 5th April 2019. Could the film make one final Festival appearance at next month’s Glasgow Film Festival? All will be revealed on 23rd January if it does!

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