Happy New Year All!

2019 has arrived and behalf of everyone at The Peoples Movies, we like to wish all our readers, online friends, sharers, a Happy 2019! We do hope your dreams, desires, wishes, health, family, will be fruitful, wonderful and come true.

As the editor of the site, I like to pass my own thanks to the writers. Without you guys, The Peoples Movies would be finished. You kept the flame alight when times where tough and can’t stop thanking you for delivering. We were 10 years old (20th November 2018), the year was tough, frustrating but also a great journey. We gained a bunch of great new writers and have a lot of great ideas we hope to try this year. Our door is always opened for new writers, join us!?

Of course, there were times we could have done better. That really frustrated me and the writers too and when it was our fault we will hold our hands up and say sorry. One frustration personally for me is many days I was unable to post more often. I do love my job and financially things are getting harder to run sites, so I had to cover extra hours to keep things flowing. Thank you for those who regularly sent us messages of support when things are quiet. In the Summer I do work longer shifts meaning things on the site not until later in the afternoon, early evening. When Summer arrives we will be in a similar predicament, and regular readers will appreciate it I will be posting.

I am constantly trying out more new things to improve the site. One of those ideas is Podcasting and fingers crossed we may try this out during this year. It’s new ground so when we do start we might be experimenting a lot in the format. We may also try out Video Blogging too and if you have experience in both formats or already established love to join us, get in touch.

You will always find us on Twitter and Facebook, New for 2019 Instagram, possibly a few more

For the first few days of 2019 may be a little quiet and from next Monday (another press day) things hopefully will get back to normal. Majority of the news, trailers are myself posting I will do my best to deliver on time. Fancy joining us? Check out more info here.

Happy New Year!