Sleepy Skunk Delivers His Epic 2018 Movie Mashup

Roll Up! Roll Up!2018 is nearly over and its time for another Movie Mashup and its one of the best Sleepy Skunk! A lot of great movies graced our cinemas and favourite Streaming services too. There was a lot of stinkers too. Santa may come once a year bearing gifts for those children who behave, Sleepy Skunk comes bearing for cinephiles worldwide. Today Sleepy Skunk better known us Louis Plamondon has sent us his 2018 Movie Mashup

We do love this time of the year for many reasons, but for film sites and blogs it can be a frustrating time. This time of the year many will work on their Best/Worst Films lists, Sleepy’s retrospective does help ease the pain.

This year’s video runs at just under seven minutes running time, a rollercoaster of emotions. Some will make you smile, others may make you laugh, some might pull at your heartstrings. No matter how much some films try to deliver their promise many may make you cringe. We do love reflect the year and look towards the coming new year. Think of this video as your annual clear out!

Like we say every year, as Sleepy resides in the USA, there will be a lot of films still to be released in the UK and Ireland. Most of those we have posted trailers or know they are coming early next year (If Beale Street Could Talk, At Eternity’s Gate, Vice, The Favourite etc…). There a lot of those the usual suspects: Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, A Star Is Born, First Man, Bohemian Rhapsody, Incredibles 2. Isle of Dogs, Black Panther, Paddington 2, and Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

For that full list of all the films in Sleepy Skunk‘s Movie Mashup head over to his Tumblr Page. We have covered most of the year’s Retrospectives, check them out via this link.

Like every year, we wonder how he does it, but he does do it wonderfully! Have a great Christmas Louis and happy 2019!

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