Merry Christmas For Everyone At The Peoples Movies!

On behalf of all the writers, at The Peoples Movies, we like to wish all our readers, followers, online friends, Film Prs, Film Distributors A Merry Christmas. As editor of the site, I like to wish all the writers a Merry Christmas too. It has been a tough year for everyone after ten years love to say it gets easier, it doesn’t but we’re all here, for one thing, our love for film and television. We may not bring you as in-depth as some sites it doesn’t mean we’re not passionate about what we write about. We are 100% passionate, we have outside jobs, university, we give up our spare hours because we love film.

To those haters, sabotagers who want to bring us down Merry Christmas to you.  We may not have all the resources of the sites you like to quote we should be like,  but we hope we deliver our best.

Have a fantastic day with your family, friends, loved ones. If you’re on you’re own stay safe and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, have a good day. As ever thanks for your support.

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