Happy Death Day 2U UK Trailer Relive Your Death Again, Again And Again

2017 Happy Death Day for some was the sleeper hit, so it’s no surprise that 2019 there will be a sequel. Next Valentine’s Day death makes a killer comeback in Happy Death Day 2U and Universal Pictures has released the UK Trailer.

Picture Scream stuck in a Groundhog Day scenario throw in some humour gives you an idea. Our heroine Tree (Jessica Rothe) reliving her murder again, again and over again. The cycle continued until she figured out how to break that cycle.

For the sequel, there are not many details on hand apart from the film will add another film inspiration…Back To The Future II. Rothe is returning and like in Back To The Future Sequel we see Marty McFly reliving the first film again from another angle. Tree finds herself in similar circumstances.

Christopher Landon directed the Blumhouse produced film. This time, he’s back to write the script and direct the film. Rothe recently spoke to Collider revealing some details on the potential plot…“Chris has done this incredible thing where the sequel, the way he described it to me, elevates the movie from being a horror movie – and I wouldn’t even say it’s just a horror movie because it’s a horror, comedy, rom-com drama – into a Back to the Future type of genre film where the sequel joins us right from where we left off, it explains a lot of things in the first one that didn’t get explained, and it elevates everything. I was really pleased to know that we weren’t just gonna be pushing all the buttons that people loved the first time, over and over again, ‘cause I think that gets old.”

Jessica Rothe leads the returning cast of Happy Death Day 2U, the follow-up to Blumhouse’s (Split, Get Out, The Purge series) surprise 2017 smash hit of riveting, repeating twists and comic turns. This time, our hero Tree (Rothe) discovers that dying over and over was surprisingly easier than the dangers that lie ahead.

Happy Death Day 2U will be released in the UK and Ireland on the 14th February 2019. Treat your partner to a Killer Valentines day? Co-starring Israel Broussard, Suraj Sharma, and Sarah Yarkin.