Watch Trailer For Emre Mirza’s The Printer, A Dark Sci-Fi Romance

A world divided by algorithms connected by dreams.

On the eve of launching a crowdfunding campaign on Seed&Spark for the post-production expenses, Emre Mirza‘s The Printer has unveiled a Trailer.

Taking place in the near future is a dark and cynical take on love experienced through algorithms. Contemplating the accelerated change brought into our lives by the developing technologies of A.I., The Printer aims to look at our modified emotions and behaviours in an age resembling a “sci-fi movie”.

With the film now in post-production, the crowdfunding campaign is to help complete the VFX, sound design and colouring. With very little funding around for many filmmakers, this style of funding is how many films do get made.

In The Printer we find ourselves in 2024, the majority of Beta, Gamma and Omega citizens work inside everyday machines unseen by the elite Alpha class. One citizen worker makes the fatal mistake of contacting the woman he longs for on the other side.

Emre Mirza is a screenwriter and film editor, who has also worked on several projects on platforms such as BBC and the Sundance Institute. When we started developing this film we wanted to bring together people who love the craft of making a film. Emre had written this film in a way to make it possible to shoot in limited conditions. He embarked on an amazing adventure to make a short film that most people didn’t believe we could get done, especially not in these conditions, with almost no budget.

Check out the Trailer for The Printer. We don’t have any links for anyone like to support the film, however, you can show your support going via the social media links at the bottom of the page.

The Printer is a dark, satirical Science Fiction short film, that is set in the near future in a city in northern Europe.

The film reveals a world where mankind has had to de-industrialize itself to keep its large unemployed population busy, by making them manually run basic machines in our every day lives.

As a result, people are split, with 20% living seemingly normal lives on one side of the wall and the rest working, unseen on the other side. Our central character works inside a printer in a corporate office and one day breaks the rules and makes the fatal mistake of contacting someone on the other side of the wall…