Claude Lanzmann’s Final Film Shoah: The Four Sisters Getting Masters Of Cinema Release

Eureka Entertainment to release SHOAH: THE FOUR SISTERS, a powerful and poignant 4-part documentary from Claude Lanzmann, as part of The Masters of Cinema Series in DVD & Blu-ray editions from 18 February 2019.

Starting in 1999, Claude Lanzmann made several films that could be considered satellites of Shoah, comprised of interviews conducted in the 1970s that didn’t make it into the final, monumental work. In the last years of the late director’s life, he decided to devote a film to four women from four different areas of Eastern Europe with four different destinies, each finding herself improbably alive after war’s end: Ruth Elias; Paula Biren; Ada Lichtman; and Hannah Marton. Survivors of unimaginable Nazi horrors during the Holocaust, they tell their individual stories and become crucial witnesses to the barbarism they experienced. Each possesses a vivid intelligence and a commitment to candour that make their accounts of what they suffered through both searing and unforgettable.

The Four Sisters reminds audiences of the immense courage it took for these witnesses to return to their past as they share their deeply moving personal tragedies. The frankness of their words, their intensely scrutinised faces, and their bravery as they revisit unimaginable experiences will make them lasting presences in the moral universe of younger generations.

What they have in common,” wrote Lanzmann, “apart from the specific horrors each one of them was subjected to, is their intelligence, an incisive, sharp and carnal intelligence that rejects all pretence and false reasons-in a word-idealism.” Lanzmann’s films remarkably stay within the immediate present tense, where the absolute horror of the Shoah is always happening.

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each story is perfectly paced, and filled with little details that big-picture histories tend to miss.” –


All four interviews presented across two discs
Optional English subtitles
PLUS: A booklet featuring new writing

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Shoah: The Four Sisters will be released as part of The Masters of Cinema Series in DVD & Blu-ray editions from 18 February 2019.