11 life lessons from “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”


Your name is Jerry Seinfeld, 20 plus years since first starring in your namesake comedy show. What can I do now? Especially when your one of the highest paid stars of all time?

In 2012 Jerry decided to get his little black book out and started to invite his friends out for a coffee. But this was no ordinary meet up for a brew, this was Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

I have to admit I’m no fan of Seinfeld the long running show, however, I loved this show. Possibly because I’m a foodie and Travel fan. The Netflix show episodes averaged around 15 minutes and the comedian was not just the star, it was the car too. Also, Jerry’s uncanny knack for turning a conversation about nothing into something, make for valuable life lessons in every 15-minute episode. Even former president of United States Barrack Obama gives some lessons (in perspective).

The Zebra has created the below infographic on 11 inspirational takeaways from Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It includes quotes on from Dave Chappelle on his creative process and Tina Fey on how she rewards herself after an accomplishment, among many others!

Life Lessons from Comedians

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee all five seasons are available to binge on at Netflix.