Scott Wilson The Walking Dead Star Sadly Dies Aged 76

For anyone who joins The Walking Dead right away, it’s no ordinary Tv show, its a family. Same can be said about the fans and the actors and tonight, the sad news of Scott Wilson has sadly died aged 76. He was battling cancer.

To The Walking Dead family, he will always be remembered for his role as Hershel Greene. We were first introduced to the character in season two, the widowed owner of the farm living with his 2 daughters Maggie and Beth. Despite his medical expertise been in veterinary, he saved Carl (“Coral!”) from a bullet wound. At first, their relationship was very frosty but all changed and Hershel became the loyal, diplomatic, emotional go to for Rick Grimes. A devout Christain, a father figure to Glenn and in a way to Rick and all the cast.

Over the weekend at New York Comic Con, AMC and Anglea Kang, the new showrunner announced the news that Hershel is set to return to Season 9 (premiering in the UK Monday, tonight in The U.S). She didn’t offer information on how many episodes, apart from those scenes had been filmed. This info was revealed only an hour before the news of the actors passing was announced on social media.

Wilson made his feature film debut in 1967 The Heat Of The Night with Sidney Poitier. The same year he also starred In Cold Blood the crime drama book written by Truman Capote, playing the murderer Robert Hickock. He also played George Wilson (role played by Jason Clarke in the remake) in the 1974 Robert Redford version of The Great Gatsby. In 1979 he appeared William Peter Blatty (The Exorcist) The Ninth Configuration and a cameo in the South Korean cult horror The Host. His last film role was in Christain Bale‘s recent gritty western Hostiles.

Scott Wilson will always be known as one of the best characters actors in the industry respected and loved by fellow actors. Luke Skywalker Himself  Mark Hamill commented on social media about his friend “Scott Wilson was one of the finest character actors of all time. So subtle, so real, I never saw him make a false move – EVER. When I met him I wasn’t prepared for his warmth & kindness or his ability to instantly make me feel like a lifelong friend.”

The Walking Dead introduced the veteran actor to a wider audience and several members of the Walking Dead family paid tribute…