Film Review 2 – Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)

Surprisingly this third installment is actually quite funny with added delight seeing the elastic Rowan Atkinson back in his bumbling super spy role which is really just beloved Mr. Bean if he was working for her majesty’s secret service.

Having been in retirement for a number of years moonlighting as a school teacher he is recalled abrupt back into action by a desperate government to stop a maniacal tech criminal taking over the world.

The plot is thin, just an excuse for bumbling accident prone special agent English to save the day in a way Rowan Atkinson only knows how.

If you’re familiar with James Bond action films I guess this may be construed as full of comedic similarities to these more serious films.

Assuming the budget is higher there are some innovative stunts here and pratfall sequences of a high standard.

The virtual reality sequence is something kids will laugh uncontrollably at, classic Atkinson.

Cameos from British screen royalty Charles Dance, Michael Gambon, and Edward Fox are a brief treat while Emma Thompson is absolutely over the top but spot on as Prime Minister.

Time filler comedy that if popular no doubt will assure English will be back.

Shane A.Bassett | Movie Analyst

Action, Comedy | UK, 2018 | PG | 5th October 2018 (UK) | Universal Pictures | Dir.David Kerr | Olga Kurylenko, Emma Thompson, Rowan Atkinson, Jack Lacy, Ben Miller

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