Ethan Peck Set To Play Spock In Star Trek Discovery

With Star Trek legend Sir Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Jean-Luc Piccard, Star Trek Discovery is set to introduce another franchise legend. The Iconic Mr.Spock, the half-human, half-Vulcan Science Officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and foster brother of Michael Burnham. The actor set to play Spock is Ethan Peck who has Hollywood royalty in his veins, as he’s the Grandson of Gregory Peck (To Kill A Mockingbird, Roman Holiday, Boys From Brazil, The Omen).

Throughout the Star Trek franchise (television and Cinema) Spock has been the one original character who was able to span the majority of timelines. Leonard Nimoy made the character so famous in the 1960’s on the original TV series (and early films). More recently Zachary Quinto took over in the more recent reboot JJ Abrams films with the first film starring Nimoy himself.

When news broke that Spock was going to be in season 2 of Star Trek Discovery, some argued the role should be Quinto, however, the show’s executive producer Alex Kurtzman explained their reasons for picking Peck

Through 52 years of television and film, a parallel universe and a mirror universe, Mr. Spock remains the only member of the original bridge crew to span every era of Star Trek,” added Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman.

The great Leonard Nimoy, then the brilliant Zachary Quinto, brought incomparable humanity to a character forever torn between logic and emotion. We searched for months for an actor who would, like them, bring his own interpretation to the role. An actor who would, like them, effortlessly embody Spock’s greatest qualities, beyond obvious logic: empathy, intuition, compassion, confusion, and yearning. Ethan Peck walked into the room inhabiting all of these qualities, aware of his daunting responsibility to Leonard, Zack, and the fans, and ready to confront the challenge in the service of protecting and expanding on Spock’s legacy. In that spirit, we’re thrilled to welcome him to the family.”

Peck’s own career has been spent mostly on television than Film. From Young Kelso in the That 70’s Show, Gossip Girl and TV version of 10 Things I Hate About You, Madame Secretary. His film roles include In Time, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Now his challenge is to convince the Star Trek Universe he’s worthy choice to play Mr.Spock.

Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery will be launched on Netflix in the UK and Ireland from 2019.