What is so magical about Warner Bros Studio Tours?

For fans of Harry Potter, there is no better experience than a trip to Hertfordshire to experience for themselves the sets and special effects that made the books come to life in film form.

Offering a unique behind-the-scenes look at everything from the designing of Hogwarts classrooms through to intricate costumes, there is something magical for everybody to experience. That must be why so many of us are rushing to buy tickets for Warner Bros Studio Tours!

It’s not just for kids

It would be easy to assume that the tours are geared solely towards a younger audience but that simply isn’t true! Just as JK Rowling’s books included references for older readers, the tours invite parents and adult Potterheads to immerse themselves completely in the unique magic of Harry’s world.

Every part of the process is fun

From clicking to buy tickets online through to queuing to enter the tour and racing into the studio shop at the end, there isn’t a part of the experience that feels any less magical! As the booking confirmation flies into your inbox, like an owl delivering mail in the Great Hall at Hogwarts, the fun has already begun. More than that, when you’re waiting to enter the tour, you get to stand in the Dursley’s hallway, which gives you a glimpse into the infamous Cupboard Under the Stairs.

The sets are better than you think they will be

As you watch the Harry Potter films, you’re transported into an amazing world, filled with weird and wonderful set pieces, but seeing them in person makes them really come alive. From the dusty glass bottles and self-stirring cauldrons of the potions classroom to the mist-filled Forbidden Forest, everything has been designed to help with the suspension of disbelief and boy, does it work! As you catch your adult self bowing to Buckbeak and squealing with delight when he deigns to return your respectful gesture, you realise just how immersive the tour really is.

You can experience the seminal moments for yourself

Just as Harry was overwhelmed as soon as he pushed his trolley through the wall and onto Platform 9¾, so too will you be, when you enjoy the photo opportunities on and in front of the Hogwarts Express. You’ll also gasp in wonderment when you step forward into the Great Hall for the first time, just like all your favourite characters did.

There are plenty of interactive experiences to try

Ever wondered what the snow at Hogwarts would feel like? If you’d suit the Hogwarts robes? Or how you’d look riding a broom? Well, thanks to special-effects stations and experiences, you can find out. These aren’t just for kids, and if you want a lasting memory to take home with you, you can buy a USB stick loaded with a video of your airborne exploits.

The souvenirs are exceptionally special

You can’t possibly enjoy a studio tour and not want to dive into the gift shop at the end, but here, you are going to want to buy literally EVERYTHING! You’ll need a good supply of galleons in your pocket as every shelf and display will hold something else that you can’t possibly go home without. Our top picks include:

Hogwarts house uniforms, including robes, scarves and Quidditch jumpers! Whatever your house, you need to wear your colours with pride. Yes, Slytherins, that includes you!
Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. We haven’t found an earwax- or bogey-flavoured one yet, but anything is possible…GULP.
Character wands. Whether you want to harness the power of the Elder Wand or feel that something with a dragon heartstring core would be more your vibe, you can take your perfect wand home with you.
A fluffy familiar. We can’t all house a real-life Scabbers or Hedwig, so a stuffed-toy version is the next best thing. Imagine being able to enjoy all the fun of Crookshanks’ squishy face, but with none of her meanness!
Guaranteed to create memories that last a lifetime, Warner Bros Studio Tours make magic just that little bit more real and tangible for kids of all ages, including big ones!

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