The Whispers And Rick’s Final Call Watch The Walking Dead Season 9 Trailer

We’ve known for a few weeks now that Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes was leaving The Walking Dead. What we didn’t know was it just for a break or forever, Today at Comic-Con the man himself confirmed everything.

With Season 9, only 3 months away, those lucky folks at the shows Comic-Con Panel got to see the new season’s Trailer. A whole new world is coming and Rick thinks he may just have everything under control. As you watch the trailer, the world may be getting rebuild, but there are still tensions amongst the survivors.

As you watch Rick gets a frosty warning from none other than Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)…”You think you’ve got this all on lock”

The extended trailer has a lot going on. We see all the communities are grouping together, rebuilding, growing crops. They all looking fairly happy but there still seems divisions. Has the All Out War really ended? Rick, Micchone, Daryl, and Maggie seem to question each other’s loyalty.

As for Rick himself, we are teased by his departure but not how he might leave. Will he go on the Helicopter we’ve seen from previous seasons especially Season 8? Or was those feet of a Walker we see Ricks? We know he wears black cowboy boots like the walker! The British actor will appear in only 6 episodes and his last episode he will go down fighting!

Lauren Cohen is also set to leave but not confirmed if for good. We don’t get any teases of her departure, we do go get a glimpse of her Baby (no name mentioned if Hershall or Glenn Junior).

After several years of waiting for it now finally looks like The Whisperers are coming. Right at the very end, we get a glimpse of an iconic scene that looks like its taken straight from the comic book. The survivor’s first encounter with the group which we see Rosita Espinosa and Eugene Porter covering themselves in mud and hiding from walkers. Will there be a whisperer?

The Walking Dead Season 9 will be aired on Fox UK from 8th October (7th October in the USA).

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