Miles Teller To Play Goose’s Son In Top Gun 2?

The heat is on as Top Gun 2 aka Top Gun: Maverick may have found a pivotal character in the long-awaited sequel. According to Variety director Joseph Kosinski has gone to the cast of his previous film to cast Goose son…Miles Teller.

Last week there seemed to be three possible candidates Nicolas Hoult, Glenn Powell and Miles Teller. Now according to the magazine Tom Cruise himself tested the three young actors for the role. The role to play the son Goose (Anthony Edwards), Maverick’s (Cruise) co-pilot.

As in the actual synopsis of the long overdue sequel (33years when the film is eventually released!), we don’t actually know much about. We can assume Teller’s character will be Mavericks protege and don’t be surprised if he has some rebellious streak in him. It will be a completely different world, a world of drone technology, a new generation of planes.

Top Gun has always been seen as one of the cult films of the 1980’s, to others it’s simply a marmite film. Personally, it’s an overrated film. Top Gun has always been one of those films hipsters adore for nostalgia. So it will be interesting to see the direction Kosinski will take the film. Hopefully won’t be a like for like film with modern technology.

Kosinski knows the strengths of his young actor. This film will also mark the second collaboration with Cruise as the pair worked together on the 2013 Sci-fi actioner Oblivion.

Despite the long wait for Top Gun: Maverick to become a reality, it’s still early days and information is still thin. Val Kilmer is also set to return as ‘The Iceman’ and if gossip comes true we may see Meg Ryan also returning. Don’t be surprised to see possible other old faces returning too.

Top Gun: Maverick is set to be released Summer 2019 possibly July 2019.

Source: Variety