Chucky’s Coming Back! Child’s Play Remake In The Works!

The word ‘remake’ has the past several years become a ‘cringeworthy’ word, sometimes undeserving other times deserving. Like it or not Chucky is coming back as MGM want to remake Child’s Play!

The franchise creator Don Mancini recently announced there is going to be TV series based on the cult franchise. Now MGM seems to be fast-tracking a remake of the film and they have the production team ready to kick things off.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, IT duo David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith will produce. Tyler Burton Smith will pen the script with Norweigan horror Polaroid helmer Lars Klevberg directing.

Mancini co-directed with Tom Holland back in the 1980’s into the 1990’s. The story of a popular toy doll named Chucky that becomes possessed by a serial killer. Who terrorizes a single mom and her son, as the killer needs the son’s body to jump into before his transference to the doll becomes permanent.

Those who followed the franchise know as each film passed, the films went from serious to goofy. Chucky even gets married in one, will the new film revert back to the old way? Mancini himself wouldn’t have stayed onboard so long if he didn’t have some sort of direction.

As for the Television series, what we know is an idea for an 8-hour limited series (8x 1hour episodes?). Chucky will be voiced once again by the legendary Brad Douriff. As for what it will be based on, what we learned it will be based around an existing idea, not a new one.

No word on when the Child’s Play remake will be released.