Why Finn Balor Needs To Win Money In The Bank


It is no secret that Finn Balor is long overdue a WWE Universal Championship rematch. Having vacated the title in August 2016, Balor is still yet to have his rematch. Since then, he has yet to really get going, and that is mainly due to his questionable booking.

However, this Sunday WWE Money In The Bank takes place. This is perhaps the last chance for WWE to make things right for Balor.

Why Finn Balor Needs To Win Money In The Bank

Finn Balor is two years overdue a rematch for the WWE Universal Championship. But unfortunately for Balor, his booking direction has been very unclear.

Reports also suggested that plans for him to face Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble in January were shot down, as Vince McMahon was not keen on the idea. While it would not have been the most hard-hitting match, it certainly would have provided Lesnar with a different challenge. Furthermore, it would have also helped elevate Balor.

You may recall some time ago that Paul Heyman would constantly put over Balor in his promos. Therefore, it was no coincidence that this was happening, as it could have only meant a match between Balor and Lesnar was brewing.

But here are a few more reasons why Balor needs to win Money In The Bank:

New front runner for the main even scene

The Roman Reigns project has failed. After his loss at Wrestlemania 34 to Brock Lesnar, it is clear that the three year long project failed. Wrestlemania truly was the final nail in the coffin for Reigns’s push.

So with this in mind, a new main event star needs to be pushed; enter Finn Balor. It can be argued that Balor has already received a main event push, but now would be the perfect time to really cement his place at that level.

While the likes of The Miz and Seth Rollins are capable main event stars, it would only be fitting for Balor to really take that spot for himself, as he has all the momentum in the world to run with. Furthermore, he is not incapable of maintaining that spot, as he has all the tools to be a main event front runner for WWE.

That match with Brock Lesnar

Traditionally Money In The Bank winners cash in their briefcase at spontaneous times. But Finn Balor could be a very different case, potentially using his briefcase to eventually setup a match between himself and Brock Lesnar.

If Balor is to win the briefcase, he would be the perfect superstar to change the game and challenge Lesnar to a main event match for the WWE Universal Championship down the line. Rather than cashing-in post match, it would elevate Balor if he were to announce his cash-in and challenge Lesnar to a PPV match.