The Greatest Movie Franchises of All-Time

Movie makers love a franchise. Rightly or wrongly, it’s the chance for them to cash in on previous tournaments and expand on a set of characters that are already familiar to the world.

In some cases it works, in many it doesn’t. A sequel will rarely beat an original, but if it’s got right then an entire franchise can be made of them.

There are dozens of brilliant franchises out there today, that have seen characters shift onto TV screens, comic books (or vice versa), computer games and even online slots!

Anything and everything has been taken on by major movie franchises, but what are the best franchises of all time?


Originally beginning life as toys, Transformers has gone on to be one of the world’s biggest franchises thanks to the five movies released since 2007.

It’s thrived in recent years and as well as further toys, you can get practically anything branded with Transformers. There are 12 computer games based on the film series, while you can also play numerous slot machines on major online casinos like

A new spin-off is set to arrive in late 2018, Bumblebee, starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena.

Star Wars

Star Wars has returned in recent years and has earned a staggering $8,712,974,106 at the box office.

Solo is the latest movie, while Episode IX will hit screens in 2019. There have been animated series, comics, books and plenty of merchandise spawned from the great George Lucas film, and with Disney now holding the rights to it, the franchise is only going to grow.

James Bond

The Bond movies are perhaps more well known than the novels they’re based on and as you can expect, the world’s coolest MI6 agent has seen plenty of action outside of the silver screen.

Every movie is accompanied by a console game these days, while the number of brands who latch onto it is phenomenal. Whether it be comics, cars, watches, alcohol, the brand really does lift off when the film is set to be released.

Daniel Craig will be back again in 2019 as Danny Boyle takes over the reins as director.

The Marvel Universe

Since Marvel took a gamble and headed into the world of movies (see here:, they haven’t really looked back. From Spider-Man to Captain America, Thor and Iron Man, they continue to make Hollywood blockbusters that not only break records, but see merchandise sales soar.

As expected, console games are huge in the marvel universe, while they continue to create fantastic comics.

To date, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has released 19 movies since the original Iron Man in 2008 and a decade on continues to thrive.

There are many more films in the pipeline as well as a number of Netflix and TV series, which continue to gain fantastic critical response.