Technology Gets Smart In Netflix’s Tau Starring Maika Munro Watch Trailer

There are no bones about it, technology is getting terrifyingly smaller and smarter. Whilst many will embrace the changes others approach it with caution, in Tau could it save you?

It Follows Maika Munro stars as Julia an young woman who finds herself kidnapped by a mysterious stranger (played by Ed Skrien). She awakes to find herself tied to a chair and in a house run by an artificial intelligence called Tau. She is left with two options: do what the house says if not you die. As she tries to find a way out Julia finds out she’s not alone, can they all work together and outwit the house? Or could they convince the house to work with them?

Netflix has released a UK version of the upcoming sci-fi horror trailer, which doesn’t reveal if the AI will work with Julia or not…

Held captive in a futuristic smart house, a woman hopes to escape by befriending the A.I. program that controls the house.

Let’s be frank, we do love Netflix however recently and especially in the sci-fi/horror genres in their ‘Netflix Originals‘ the films have been a disappointment. Bright was sadly horrible, The Cloverfield Paradox, Altered Carbon, Mute all looked visually impressible, overall let down. Unless you are a hardcore fan of the streaming channel, you might approach this one with caution.

It scary to see how technology can control our lives with some people thinking we’re going too far. It takes us to that Terminator theory, the machines will take over if don’t be careful. It might sound funny, so why not play on AI been real and see if we can treat them like a human? There is a suggestion of ex_Machina tone to this mixed up Don’t Breathe.

So who is the Hal9000-esque voice? Gary Oldman!

The film is the directorial feature debut for Federico D’Alessandro and Tau will be launched globally on 29th June.

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