Join Us! Video Bloggers Wanted

Here at The Peoples Movies and our sister site Cinehouse are always trying to expand our range of ways to promote films. For this post, we are looking to hire Video Bloggers, Join Us!?

Here at The Peoples Movies Film is our main forte, with Television, Netflix, Horror, Anime and Wrestling. As a Video Blogger, you will share your opinion in a video, your opinion no one else’s but yours. You will be passionate, enthusiastic, creative, a lot to say and can easily work on your own projects as well as any we offer.
The door is opened for exactly what areas of our the site you like to video blog (or vlog on). At this stage we looking for Video Reviewers for film and television (inc.Netflix). Someone who will review the latest releases, episodes deliver a constructive opinion. If you’re reviewing more than one, it can be like video magazine.

If your more wanting to create video essays that will be cool too. If your up for working in other areas, including posting a text version of the review, that will be great too.

To Join Us! Please fill the form below. Please note this is unpaid position and all writers, current and new, volunteer their time. We can’t offer the world, we can offer you a platform to showcase your talents at Veulio Top 10 UK Film Blog, get in touch…

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