Gemma Arterton At Breaking Point In The Escape UK Trailer

Looking for something that’s emotive, very dramatic and even very realistic Dominic Savage’s The Escape is one to check out. After premiering at last year’s Toronto Film Festival (and this year’s Glasgow Film Festival), the film is ready to kick off its Cinematic run.

The Escape is an intimate portrait of a married woman (Gemma Arterton) who seemingly has it all. Married young, she has all the trappings of a successful life: a house, a husband (Dominic Cooper), children and a nice lifestyle. But she is unhappy and yearns for more, something that she is unable to put her finger on.

Propelled by stellar performances from Gemma Arterton and Dominic Cooper, Dominic Savage’s partly improvised drama is a thought provoking study of a crumbling marriage and the lengths to which people will go to find true happiness.

Vertigo Releasing is distributing this one in the UK and today have sent us the film’s UK Trailer, check it out…

Tara loves her children deeply and to all those around her, her life is seemingly perfect. But Tara feels trapped. She knows there is something fundamentally missing. Something unfulfilled. Something unknown. When her friends and family fail to understand the depth of her desperation, her ideas and feelings are so overwhelming that she has to run away, to find a place where she can be herself again. She goes on a courageous and perilous journey, leaving her husband and abandoning her children. Through a series of dangerous and incendiary encounters, she discovers the woman she really is, what she really feels and the life she really wants.

The Escape will be released in the UK and Ireland from 3rd August.