Dave Bautista Saves Football (Fans) In Final Score UK Trailer

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As World Cup football frenzy sweeps through parts of the UK and Ireland, Sky Cinema has released the Final Score Trailer.

Dave Bautista now continues his journey through Hollywood with an action thriller set at a Football (Soccer) match! It may not be a setting you expect to find a Marvel Cinematic Universe star at. But as you know in action thrillers it’s not the place that matters, its the lead character’s history that matters.

Bautista plays an ex-military man with a ‘particular set of skills’ who happens to be at the venue of a hostage situation by armed criminals. Why football stadium we don’t know but Michael Knox (Bautista) must find a way to rescue 35,000 fans and take out the criminals.

Sky Cinema Originals films so far haven’t done much at cinemas, most critically panned. Sadly this one looks very generic and makes you question the quality of the films they are choosing.

The film’s (Teaser) Trailer is very short and sweet. Sometimes it’s best to tease a little and let your curiousities take you to the cinema.

A group of heavily armed criminals takes control of a stadium packed with 35,000 football fans. Ex-soldier Michael Knox (Dave Bautista, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, BLADE RUNNER 2049, SPECTRE) is forced to use skills from his military background and everything at his disposal to save the spectators, including the life of a fallen comrade’s daughter.

Final Score will be released in UK and Irish Cinemas from 7th September. Sky Cinema customers have exclusive access to see it on Sky Cinema from the same day.

The film also stars Pierce Brosnan, Lara Peake, Ray Stevenson, Ralph Brown and Amit Shah.