Harley Quinn Spin-Off To Be A ‘R-Rated’ Film?

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No hiding from it, our cinema’s screens rarely go a week without a superhero film, many popular, many not so. Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie was one of the very shining lights from Suicide Squad. We’ve known since that film that a spin-off film was in the works, now it seems it could be an R-Rated film?

Collider was recently chatting to the Aussie star about her upcoming Noir Thriller Terminal (out in the UK on 6th July) and asked her about Quinn…

I pitched the idea of an R-rated girl gang film including Harley because I was like, ‘Harley needs friends.’ Harley loves interacting with people, so don’t ever make her do a standalone film. She’s got to be with other people, it should be a girl gang. I wasn’t seeing enough girl gangs on screen, especially in the action space. So that was always a big part of it.”

Robbie is hopeful of producing with one stipulation that the film will be directed by a woman. Also in this chat, she shared that vision…

And then, of course, having a female director to tell that story. And giving a female director the chance to do big budget stuff. They always get ‘Here’s the tiny little film’… I was like, ‘I love action. I love action films. I’m a girl. What, are we meant to only like a specific thing’?” So it was a hugely important to find a female director for this, if possible. But at the end of the day — male, female — the best director gets the job and Cathy was the best director.”

With the D.C Entertainment Universe still trying to kick-off, this project might be one that will be well received. The female DC characters more recently have been more successful with the most successful Wonder Woman already set up for a sequel.

Cathy Yan last month was confirmed to direct Birds Of Prey project which Harley Quinn will be in. Recently Robbie stated there wouldn’t be any more Quinn projects could Yan be the director for this one? Or are we talking about the same film?

So Harley Quinn fans, are you ready for an R-Rated girl gang film or do you want one just Harley?

Source: Collider