Wrestlemania 34 Preview: Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Wrestlemania 34 Preview: Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The fourth annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal takes place this Sunday at Wrestlemania 34.

A packed roster of WWE superstars shall compete to take home to coveted trophy. The opportunity for any superstar to make a name for themselves awaits. Who will have their Wrestlemania moment?

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Preview

At this point, it is anyone’s guess as to who will win. Superstars such as Baron Corbin lead the way, despite winning it two years ago. However, the opportunity lies for someone else to step up and make a name for themselves.

As well as anyone from the main roster, perhaps WWE should consider calling talent up from NXT? Roderick Strong would be an ideal candidate to participate and even win. Considering NXT is always in the forefront of Triple H’s plans, it would not go a miss to have an NXT superstar win the battle royal.

The prospect of an NXT superstar winning seizes an opportunity to build someone up. For example; just imagine the likes of Adam Cole winning or even participating, the New Orleans crowd would certainly pop for the Panama City Playboy’s entrance.

Who Will Win?

It’s hard to give any prediction for this particular match. If anything I am personally adamant someone from NXT will win. It would be of great benefit to the brand, as it would make a statement at Wrestlemania.

As for my prediction, I am going for an audacious one, I am going with Roderick Strong to win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. But first, let’s see if he is even part of the match!

Prediction: Roderick Strong to win The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.


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