Wrestlemania 34 Preview: Alexa Bliss VS Nia Jax: WWE RAW Women’s Championship

Former best friends, now bitter enemies. This Sunday at Wrestlemania, Nia Jax will challenge Alexa Bliss for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship.

Wrestlemania 34 Preview: Alexa Bliss VS Nia Jax: WWE RAW Women’s Championship

After months of tension, the friendship between Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss has fallen apart. Now locked in each other’ sights this Sunday, there is no escape for Bliss. New Orleans could be place where we see a new WWE RAW Women’s Champion crowned in Nia Jax.

For nearly a year, Alexa Bliss has reigned supreme as champion. However, her reign could be about to end. If there is anyone on RAW that can beat Bliss, it would surely be Nia Jax.

There is no doubt that Wrestlemania will signal changes in WWE. So with this in mind, Nia Jax becoming champion will certainly be part of the change in the landscape.

Who will win?

Wrestlemania will belong to Nia Jax. The build-up in the last few months for Jax, has ultimately indicated that her destiny is to become WWE RAW Women’s Champion. I simply cannot look past Nia Jax winning the title in New Orleans.

Prediction: Nia Jax to defeat Alexa Bliss & become new WWE RAW Women’s Champion.

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