The Strangers 2: Prey At Night New Poster Ask Us To ‘Prey’

Next month the long-awaited The Strangers sequel, The Strangers 2: Let Us Prey will invade our cinemas. It took a long time for the film to become a Horror cult film, but will film 2 gain equal acclaim?

Ahead of that cinema release Vertigo Releasing has unveiled 2 versions of the same poster. Both versions are equally creepy with our 3 residents home invaders all holding their weapon of choice. One poster shows those weapons, the other a little. Both come with the ‘Let Us Prey’ slogan, let’s just say if these masked invaders arrive unwelcomed at your door, ‘Let Us Pray!’

When Cindy (Christina Hendricks) and her husband, Mike (Martin Henderson), take their rebellious teenage daughter Kinsey (Bailee Madison) and son Luke (Lewis Pullman) on a road trip, what began as an ordinary, gripe-filled family excursion soon becomes their worst nightmare come to life. Upon arrival at a secluded mobile home park, a knock on their trailer door leads to an inescapable night of terror as three masked strangers, with inexplicable deadly intentions, force this fractured family to come together and fight for their lives.

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The Strangers 2: Prey At Night will arrive in the UK and Irish Cinemas from 4th May. The new victims about to experience the ‘Holiday From Hell’ are Christina Hendricks, Martin Henderson, Bailee Madison and Lewis Pullman.