Stranger Things Season 3 Started Production, Netflix Tease

Back to the Upside Down, nerds. Stranger Things 3 is now in production.

Today Streaming Giants announced the production of the sci-fi 1980’s set coming of age show Stranger Things 3 is now underway. The Duffer brothers show is highly addictive and every season fans get teased and today Netflix keep to tradition and release this clip.

The clip won’t reveal any snippets of already filmed footage. What the clip does do is the cast doing a table read. It teases the returning cast, but also a sneak peeks at the new cast who’ll be joining them.

They have gone for the stylish black and white and lasts just over 90 seconds,

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Returning will be Millie Bobby Brown, as the mysterious Eleven, Finn Wolfhard, as Mike, Caleb McLaughlin, as Lucas. Sadie Sink, as Max, Gaten Matarazzo, as Dustin and Noah Schnapp, as Will. They will be joined by David Harbour as Jim Hopper and Winona Ryder as Joyce, Will’s Mother.

The new cast includes Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman‘s daughter Maya Hawke. She will play a character called Robin. Jake Busey is set to play a journalist for the local newspaper The Hawkins Post. The Princess Bride/Saw star Cary Ewes is coming in and regarded as a ‘Stranger’, potential villain? If you loved Lucas wisecracking little sister (Priah Ferguson), you’ll be glad to know she is coming back to a more regular role.

As for the actual plot for season 3, we don’t actually know yet. What we do know is that our kid’s actual relationship will be explored even more. They are getting older and one thing Stranger Things does so well explore the coming of age drama as the kids grow up.

If you were hoping for another Halloween premiere launch of Stranger Things 3, you’ll be sadly disappointed. There is no confirmed date apart from it will return in 2019.