Short Film Review – Time For Love (2018)

Short Film Review – Time For Love (2018)

BBC Scotland’s The Social released this stunning new short film Time For Love that has become a viral sensation and a beckon of love for watchers.

Film Maker Sean Lionadh brings this stunning and powerful piece of film to life. Showing how society still views same-sex couples and how at the end of the day, love is love.

I have probably watched this film at least 100 times (probably more) and every time it touches me, it enrages me mostly it pleases me that we are getting a real, true representation of love in 2018. Gay, straight or bisexual, no matter what you identify as, love is something that is powerful, and no matter how cruel the haters can be love overshadows all of that.

This film is so wonderful and has come at the perfect time, with a lot of LGBT films coming out of the industry such as 2018’s Love, Simon and the Oscar-winning film Call Me By Your Name. Time For Love gives us an even more different view into the world of sexuality, exploration, and society.

Truly one of the best films this year! A stunning, stunning piece of film. A film that will be the catalyst or social change!

Ross Wilcock |

You can watch Time For Love short at The Social Youtube Page.

You can also watch Ross own Youtube Review of the film here…

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