Avengers: Infinity War Assemble Biggest Superhero Film Opening Box Office

Depending who you speak to, Getting critical reviews or smashing the box office matters most. For Marvel Studios it’s both and this weekend they have a lot to celebrate with Avengers: Infinity Wars.

The film opened in UK and Irish cinemas on Thursday and has grossed an out of this world £21.75m in its first three days. Saturday’s result (£9.2m) sees the latest release from Marvel Studios break the box office record for the biggest Saturday ever at the UK box office, as 78% of cinema going audiences chose to see their favourite Marvel characters unite in the biggest ensemble cast film ever. The film, which is being called out as the cinematic event of the century, is on course to take an estimated £29M during its four day opening weekend which will mark the 3rd biggest weekend of all time, and Disney’s second behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Globally the film has already achieved over $630M, with box office records also broken in the USA as the film became the highest global opening weekend of all time with $250m. It is one of only six films to have ever achieved more than $200M during their opening weekend.

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These results, which mark the biggest Marvel Studios opening day ever (£6.2m), have smashed the record for 2018’s biggest opening to-date, posted by Marvel Studios’ own Black Panther, and have already taken Infinity War past the total grosses of previous MCU titles Iron Man 1 & 2, Thor 1 & 2, Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Additionally, Marvel Studios’ cultural phenomenon, Black Panther, itself passed £50m at the UK & Ireland box office earlier this week having remained in the top ten for 11 weeks since opening in February.

As we know if the box office targets pass certain target points, how great or how bad the film was, is irrelevant. If it makes the money you can get a potential follow up film. As in Avengers, we already knew Infinity War there was going to be the fourth film. This film sets up story arcs for Avengers 4 especially and a certain tease of a new character introduction. We can’t wait!