Review – Pokemon The Series: Sun & Moon

Pokémon The Series: Sun & Moon [rating=5]

The anime adaptation of the Pokémon Sun and Moon’ games is now available to stream in it’s entirety on Netflix, just in time for it’s second season, titled ‘Ultra Adventures’ debuting this Spring.

The show initially gathered a lot of attention regarding it’s all-new art style but has received mainly praise upon release for it’s much more fluid character animation and more comedic approach. ‘Sun & Moon’ sees ten year-old Ash Ketchum and his best friend Pikachu as they vacation in the Alola region after his mother’s Pokémon wins the trip in a competition. Ash decides to extend his stay on the island in order to study at the island’s Pokémon Academy with Professor Oak’s cousin, the wise cracking Samson Oak, and the island’s very own Pokémon Professor, Kukui, teaching him. While attending the academy, Ash befriends a whole group of new friends who help him get used to life on Alola and also help him train to compete in the Island Trials – Alolan versions of gym battles.

The story has veered away from what we have seen before in the Pokémon anime but is a breath of fresh air for the show. It makes way for a lot more comedy, both visual and verbal which I felt was seriously lacking in Pokémon’s ‘XYZ’ series. Admittedly, I was sceptical about the show’s new art direction when the first poster for the series was shown in an issue of last year’s Coro-Coro Magazine in Japan, but having now sat down and watched the series I can say I’m thoroughly impressed. The art and animation style works well with the show’s new direction and is a step up in animation quality from previous series’.

I do feel like this is the revamp that the Pokémon anime needed. The series focuses less on constant strings of battling and is instead focused on presenting a good overall plot with some fun filler episodes to showcase the Alolan Pokémon and battle techniques. I never thought I’d find filler episodes so fun but there you go! With the promise of new episodes airing very soon and hinting a focus on Ultra Beasts from the games, I can’t wait to get stuck in to the second season of ‘Sun & Moon’. Where Ash and Pikachu’s journey take them next? I’m betting they venture into Ultra Space – the most exciting chapter of the video games. Fingers crossed for a Blu-Ray release of this!