WWE Receives Backlash Over Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal Announcement


WWE cannot seem to catch a break. Last night on Monday night Raw, WWE announced the Fabulous Moolah battle royal, set to take place at Wrestlemania 34. However it is fair to say some members of the WWE universe did not take that announcement too lightly……

Twitter Backlash Over Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal

Despite leaving behind a legendary legacy inside the ring, her overall legacy is somewhat a touchy subject. Wrestling fans took to Twitter to vent their anger at the formal announcement of a battle royal, in memory of the WWE Hall of Famer.

In an article published by Forbes, here are a few tweets from fans disgruntled with the announcement:

Does a Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal mean that Moolah gets 35% of everyone’s Mania payoff?  – @NotThatTomGreen

For real tho I’m gonna need a much longer video explaining how feeding young women drugs and using them as sexual currency is revolutionary and empowering for women  – @prograpslady

2018 has already seen a women’s Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber match. So with this in mind, this decision is an interesting one from the company, as Fabulous Moolah’s legacy is very blurry to say the least.