I Kill Giants UK Trailer When Reality And Fantasy Clash

I Kill Giants UK Trailer When Reality And Fantasy Clash

Next month reality and fantasy will clash when I Kill Giants arrives in the UK. In a sub-genre of comic book films bursting to the seems, it’s rare to find a film that shows so much promise. Anders Water adaptation of Joe Kelly‘s (art from J.M. Ken Niimura) graphic novel, has been getting fans excited ever since it’s premiere at Toronto.

Kaleidoscope Entertainment has grabbed the UK and Irish rights who have released a UK Trailer. Starring Madison Wolfe (The Conjuring 2) as Barbara Thorson, a young girl looking for escapism through a world of fantasy.

Whats so refreshing about this film is there’s no superhuman or alien hero in spandex saving us. Just a young troubled soul in rabbit years. The trailer teases a taser of the blurred lines between reality and fantasy making you ask yourself, how much of what we see is actually real.This a dark fantasy and the big burning question of any Comic book or graphic novel movie adaptation is will the characters be easily adapted to film?

Next to been directed by an Oscar-winning director (be it only short film) Waters, this is produced by Harry Potter producer Chris Columbus. It also boasts an impressive cast which includes Imogen Poots as Barbara’s Older sister, Zoe Saldana as the school counsellor.Next to Noel Clarke, Jennifer Ehle, and Sydney Wade.

I Kill Giants tells the story of Barbara Thorson (Madison Wolfe), a teenage girl who escapes the realities of a troubled school and family life by retreating into a magical realm fighting evil ‘giants’ – colossal monsters who attack her quiet coastal town.

With the help of her new friend Sophia (Sydney Wade) and her school counsellor (Zoe Saldana), Barbara will learn to face her fears – tackling the mean bullies at school, coming to terms with her difficult home life and battling the mythic giants that threaten her world.

I Kill Giants will be released in the UK and Irish cinemas from 6th April, and Digital 4th May.

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