Film Review – Tomb Raider (2018)

There is a reason it has been fifteen years since Angelina Jolie graced the silver screen sporting her silver wetsuit as global adventurer traveller, fighter Lara Croft; daughter of a wealthy missing archeologist heir, they were ordinary forgettable films.

I saw them both, however, cannot remember anything about them other than Lara punched a shark in The Cradle of Life and after reconciliation in real life, her father Jon Voight appeared in one.

With low expectations on movies derived from Video-Games, in general, I gave this Tomb Raider semi-origin story a fair chance after the casting of unassuming action hero, Oscar winner Alicia Vikander.
As predicted she is the biggest joy, so strong, witty, beautiful, sublime, effective seemingly doing many of her own Lara Croft acrobatic stunts.

After a slow start, my thoughts were grim especially during a ridiculous London streets pushbike chase, momentous action eventually kicks into gear that if nothing else maintained escapism entertainment value.

Dumb plot points baffle, at least aspects are lifted straight out of various incarnations of the game hopefully intentionally by Norwegian director, Roar Uthaug.

Lara goes from bicycle courier duties to global trekker when discovering mapping details from her missing Father whom via video message has left instructions that must be destroyed.

Upon crash landing on an island with mean gun toting treasure hunters with slaves, yes slaves sledgehammering rocks (i couldn’t believe this) however all that aside, Lara is caught, escapes, finds some truth about her Father’s whereabouts and runs through a Raiders of the Lost Ark like the tunnel of traps.

Fight scenes are well choreographed, Vikander takes physical risks amping up the fun and looking good firing off arrows.

Shakespearean thespian Derek Jacobi is wasted in a miniscule role, fantastic Kristen Scott Thomas doesn’t fare much better.

Better than previous Tomb Raider installments this reboot kept me alert, pure guilty pleasure if you will.

Shane A.Bassett | Movie Analyst

Action, Adventure | USA, 2018 | 12A | 15th March 2018 (UK) | Warner Bros. Pictures | Dir.Roar Uthaug | Alicia Vikander, Walter Goggins, Dominic West, Daniel Wu, Kristin Scott Thomas

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