5 Cancelled Disney Movies You’ll Never Get to See

When it comes to animation, Walt Disney provides the best entertainment and story plots possible. Walt Disney remains one of the most beloved and best movie studios of all time.

Whilst the studio is full of so many ideas, not all make it to the big screen, which is a shame. As in an alternate universe, Disney fans would be obsessed with the cancelled Disney movies instead of Frozen or The Lion King.

Walt Disney studios tend to cancel projects when other movies get in the way and steal the limelight, resulting in these films to be forgotten. However, some fans can’t help but ask “what if?”. Would these cancelled films be added into the Disney classics? Or would they have been flops?
Here are just 5 Disney movies we’ll never get to see.

1) Chanticleer

Based on a tale by Edmond Rostand, Walt Disney were going to create a movie about how a rooster with a strange name and believed his crow was the reason for the sun rising every day. Any fans of Rock-A-Doodle will recognise this plot as part of the 1991 movie, which wasn’t a Disney movie.

2) Newt

One of the more recent cancelled Disney projects, back in 2008 Disney and Pixar announced Newt where the story would follow a nearly extinct species of blue-footed newts, one male and the other female. These two newts are forced together in order to save their species, by two scientists. The reason for its cancellation was that Rio – had a very similar storyline where a nearly extinct bird is forced together with another to save their species. With these two films scheduled to be released at the same time, it’s no wonder Disney cancelled.

3) The Prince and the Pig

Would you have wanted to watch a movie where a little boy has a pet pig and their journey to steal the moon? Disney thought this was a fantastic idea back in 2003! And then suddenly, they decided that perhaps this isn’t something audiences would want to see.

4) Reynard

Whilst Disney have been eager to make this movie since 1937, Disney could never quite come to terms with making this character likeable by since Reynard, the fox did ugly deeds. Unlike other Disney scoundrels, Reynard seemed nearly impossible to create where the audience would love him. As Reynard’s victims normally perished, and this is rather off brand for Disney.
Despite this, they tried for 40 years to make it work. At one point they even considered merging this tale with Chanticleer the rooster and Reynard the fox. Instead Reynard inspired the creation of well known and loved Robin Hood Disney classic.

5) Gigantic

The most recent cancelled project was Gigantic which Disney first revealed was in production, back in 2015. The film would retell the famous story of Jack and the Beanstalk, with Disney’s added comedy and a range of emotions. The setting was to be Spain, back back in the days of exploration. Disney had planned on getting the song writers from Frozen to write the songs for the movie and they even performed one of the songs on stage when announcing the upcoming movie, which unfortunately has been cancelled, due to other priorities.

Out of these 5 Disney movies, which would you have wanted to see the most?!

Written by a Disney lifestyle blogger, Chloe Minette.