Triple H To Gain More Creative Control In WWE?

Triple H To Gain More Creative Control In WWE?

Recent reports suggest that Triple H is to gain more creative control in WWE. This is following the announcement of the relaunching of the XFL. Are we finally seeing the last of Vince McMahon’s influence on WWE programming?

Triple H To Gain More Creative Control In WWE?

Yesterday in Vince McMahon’s conference regarding WWE’s earning call’s, McMahon addressed the relaunch of the XFL. Specifically, McMahon said that the relaunching of the brand shall not affect his role with the WWE.

However, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer newsletter, reports suggest that Triple H will gain more creative control. Despite McMahon stating that his role in WWE will not be affected, logic indicates that recent reports coincide with the relaunch of the XFL, as the prospect of running a football league and wrestling company appears to be a time consuming prospect.

205 Live Changes

In recent weeks, it has been reported that 205 Live is now under the control of Triple H. This transition came, as Vince McMahon has stepped aside from the show.

Already overseeing NXT, it shall be interesting to see if 205 Live’s product can begin to pick up, as recent shows have been gaining better reception. Also, it would be logical to assume that 205 Live can potentially see an influx of NXT talent head over the Cruiserweight brand, as Roderick Strong has been participating on the brand.

The thought of Triple H running 205 Live is positive, as he has done a great job in NXT. Since its inception, the purple brand has found itself in dead water. However now with the game running the show, there is no reason why the brand cannot turn around and finally lift-off.


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