Silence Is Survival In New A Quiet Place TV Spot

Silence Is Survival In New A Quiet Place TV Spot

As millions of people make a sound of joy or despair when they watched The Superbowl, one TV Spot asked for silence.  John Krasinski‘s A Quiet Place asks you to be quiet, if not if they hear you, they will haunt you…

If there’s one movie that deserves not to reveal all is this one Krasinski’s third directorial feature. Not even the synopsis discloses anything, which is a good thing. This levitates the mysterious creatures that hunt them to an even more terrifying level. The Big Game TV Spot does showcase some new unseen footage and the dangers of making noise. Also, we’re teased of how the world collapsed but who really are ‘they’?

John Krasinski stars with his real-life wife Emily Blunt parents to two kids (played by Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds) living in a remote cabin. But the family lives in a fairly content life but one in silence. If they hear you, they will hunt you!

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We do get a glimpse of the ‘hunters’ and they do seem humanoid. The footage at the beginning it does suggest its an invasion. Brilliantly the mystery is still intact that reminds us a lot of It Comes At Night. This could be one that will possibly play the psychological card which I do like which once again keeps the veil of mystery.

A Quiet Place arrives in the UK, Ireland, and the USA on 6th April.

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