Secret Cinema Announce Blade Runner: The Final Cut Next Event

Today, Secret Cinema announces its new live secret experience – Blade Runner.

Over 60 shows will run from 21st March until June at an undisclosed London location. Tickets will go on sale Thursday 1st February 2018.

Secret Cinema, now in its tenth anniversary year, invented a revolutionary format of mixing theatre and film, where the entire world is a stage. Fusing film, music, art, theatre, and dance, Secret Cinema creates unique spaces where films come to life and thousands of people gather every night for social encounters, adventures and discoveries. Previous experiences include Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Back to the Future.

From the minute a ticket is bought for Secret Cinema the audience is taken on a journey of discovery from the character they are assigned to the unveiling of the secret location. On the night they are immersed into an unimaginable secret world, a visual masterpiece that transcends the real world.

Each participant will become an LA citizen, receiving a new identity with a bespoke role and character created uniquely for them. They will transcend the real world and head into a bustling district of downtown 2019 Los Angeles. This unimaginable world will be visually spectacular and feature a specially designed soundscape with secret music sets and secret guest DJs surprising and stirring the audience.

Unfortunately, due to our location (400 plus miles north), we haven’t been able to attend any of the events. However, we’ve only heard amazing things about the events and take our advice. If you can get to London easily, get your Secret Cinema tickets today. They will go quick!

The Tickets will cost £45 per person and you can buy them here. This event is opened to anyone aged 18 or older.