First Trailer For New Pokémon Film ‘Everyone’s Story’ Released

Happy Pokémon Day!

The Pokémon Company have revealed the trailer for their next feature film to coincide with international event, Pokémon Day. Pokémon’s next film, subtitled Everyone’s Story, will feature Ash and Pikachu as they venture to a European-style town with a cast of all-new new characters in search of the legendary Pokémon, Lugia.

The trailer focuses particularly on Lisa, and her Eevee previously seen in a small teaser, a performer named Kagachi and his Sudowoodo, a researcher called Torito and his Chansey, an elderly woman who goes by Hisui with a Togepi, Totodile and Smoochum, and a mysterious girl called Largo (Rarugo).

I’m really looking forward to this one after the previous film, and really hope we get yet another UK release.