Filmstruck Classic Movies For Film Lovers, By Film Lovers Now In UK

Filmstruck Classic Movies For Film Lovers, By Film Lovers Now In UK

The movie streaming service is now a competitive trade. Netflix and Amazon Prime are the dominant forces of the industry, but sometimes these movie streaming services may not meet up to the standard of what other streaming services have to offer. It is with pleasure to stipulate that ‘FilmStruck Curzon’ has an efficient strategy in order to compete with the mainstream streaming service.

‘FilmStruck Curzon’ is now active, up and running and awaits to serve your entertainment. Strictly for film lovers, this movie streaming site specialises in independent, arthouse and cultured films. It is a site more for the grown-ups that want to shy away from you typical Hollywood blockbusters and what is wrong with that? There is an eclectic array of films to choose from and for £5.99 a month or £59.90 annually saving two months free, it is truly worth it.

Curzon has organised this amazing service to perfection. All the film collections are curated by film lovers, for film lovers. The regularly refreshed library is updated every month with new titles. ‘FilmStruck Curzon’ means business as a lot of the titles are not available on Netflix or Amazon Prime. If any mainstream film goer is willing to embark on Arthouse cinema, they can educate themselves on the ‘Three Colours’ trilogy. If they wish to engage in a hard find, the can watch the controversial 1932 classic ‘Freaks,’ which inspired the famous TV show ‘American Horror Story: Freak show.’ If a viewer wishes to engage in something powerful and striking they can watch Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Magnolia,’ arguably his definitive piece of work.

It is imperative to go on the site and browse its many titles. It’s without a doubt worth it. Attending the launch party of ‘FilmStruck Curzon’ was a pleasure as Edith Bowman presented the many merits of the site and actors were employed to enact out classic scenes of films that are available on the site. To see Patrick Bateman hack up Paul Allen from ‘American Psycho’ live was a treat. To witness Seymour argue with Audrey II as he sings ‘Feed Me’ showed a school production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ must still be sustained. However the finale of seeing an actor playing Carey Grant in ‘North by Northwest’ enacting the plane chase scene was pure, unadulterated fun.

‘FilmStruck Curzon’ must be given a chance. Arthouse cinema must be endured and this is the site that meets up to these standards with meticulousness. Netflix and Amazon Prime; meet your friendly competition: ‘FilmStruck Curzon’. It’s an excellent movie streaming service that is now available for your perusal and pleasure.

Aly Lalji

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