Nicolas Cage Wants To Kill His Kids! In Mom And Dad Trailer

Children being killed or anyone for that matter may not be a recipe for laughter. Now add Nicolas Cage been Nicholas Cage, that’s a movie I like to see. Vertigo Releasing with the help of Universal Pictures we get Mom And Dad and today we can watch the UK Trailer...

Describing itself as “one of the most controversial films of the year“, will certainly open many eyes. As any parent will tell you, it’s not easy, many are nightmares who love to rebel at any chance they get. When you’re at the end of your tether those mortal words just come out, ‘I’m Gonna Kill You!“. Literally, Stuart Taylor‘s (Taylor & Neveldine, of Crank fame) take those famous few parental words to make this totally absurd and bonkers movie. Throw in hysteria, a number of weapons a premise that looks like Home Alone just been contaminated by George C Romero’s The Crazies.

Let’s be honest parents of the world when our little brats step out of line, you’ve had those urges to ‘shut them up’. It’s a satirical horror that seems to continue the trend of recent horrors that don’t really play to the ‘stereotypical tropes’. The movie got high praise at the last Toronto Film Festival, it also is the perfect set up for the ‘Cage Factor’. Here’s hoping we have a cult movie in the making! What happens if the grandparents turn up?!

When a mass hysteria of unknown origin causes parents within a quiet suburban town to turn violently on their own children, Carly Ryan (Anne Winters) and brother Josh (Zackary Arthur) have to fight to survive a vicious onslaught from their own parents (Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair).

Trapped in their own home with their crazed mom and dad, Carly and Josh are forced to defend themselves against the very people that have cared for them their entire lives.

Mom And Dad will be released in the UK and Irish cinemas on 9th March.

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