You Were Never Really Here UK Trailer We Need To Talk About Joaquin

If you’re looking for a movie full of tension, Lynne Ramsay’s You Were Never Really Here certainly looks a perfect choice. After the exploits of the brilliant, We Need To Talk About Kevin, the Scottish filmmaker’s latest, We’ll need to talk about Joaquin Phoenix.

Since the movies world premiere at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, the movie has been making big waves critically. This March the movie will finally be released cinematically today Studiocanal has sent us the UK Trailer.

A story of a tormented man who makes a career rescuing young girls who are in danger. When he seeks to rescue one particular teen girl, his path takes a dark, sinister twist. A path of corruption, vengeance that becomes very violent.

If someone says to you, Joaquin Phoenix has a ‘particular set of skills’ in this, they wouldn’t be far wrong from the truth. Elements of Taken, even Taxi Driver excel from the trailer, this is brutal to the max, very intense movie. This rises above the Liam Neeson action flick. It will have that Arthouse drama tropes we expect from a Ramsay movie. This won Ramsay best director and Phoenix best actor at Cannes, a film with a backbone. If you enjoyed Claire Denis Basterds this has a similar direction.

You Were Never Here is based on an acclaimed novel from Jonathan Ames and the word from those fortunate to have already seen the movie, it’s very different from the novel. It also boasts a Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead fame score.

A missing teenage girl. A brutal and tormented enforcer on a rescue mission. Corrupt power and vengeance unleash a storm of violence that may lead to his awakening.

You Were Never Really Here will be released in the UK and Ireland from 9th March (6th April in the USA). The movie also stars Ekaterina Samsonov, Judith Roberts, John Doman, Alex Manette, Dante Pereira-Olsen, and Alessandro Nivola.