The Leisure Seeker UK Trailer Donald Sutherland And Helen Mirren Take ‘One Last Ride’

Road movies have graced our cinema screens for many decades as characters go on journeys of discovery or search of a better life. In The Leisure Seeker, it’s youthful pensioners in ‘one last ride’ in their Winnebago.

Donald Sutherland, Helen Mirren is that elderly couple who embark on that heartfelt journey in Paolo Virzì’s English-language debut. Embarking on a journey that will take southbound from Boston to Florida, a journey that doesn’t seem to be for fun. One escaping the realities of life and one last journey together before serious ill-health takes over.

The movie looks like a mix of drama and comedy, which is a tricky balance especially as the trailer suggests Sutherland’s character may be suffering from Dementia? But is Mirren’s character also suffering from illness? As it seems she is wearing a wig, cancer?

Universal Pictures has sent us the movies UK Trailer, check it out…

The Leisure Seeker is the nickname of the old RV used by Ella (Helen Mirren) and John Spencer (Donald Sutherland) to take vacations with their children in the 1970s. On a summer morning, desperate to escape a destiny of medical care that would have kept them apart forever, the couple astonish their meddling adult children by hopping on board that dated vehicle and dashing down Old Route 1 towards Key West for a new adventure. Their trip through an America they no longer recognize – mixing hilarious moments with others of pure terror – is their chance to retrace a married life nourished by passion and devotion, but also by secret obsessions that abruptly resurface and cause surprising revelations right up to the very end.

The Leisure Seeker is released in the UK on May 4th (this Friday 19th January in the USA). The movie also stars Christian Mckay, Janel Moloney, Dana Ivey and Dick Gregory.

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