Dear Dictator Trailer Michael Caine Is The Dictator With A Penpal

Screen legend Michael Caine has been everyone on film from Hipster Spy, Austin Power’s Old Man even Batman’s Butler. Now he adds the Caribbean Castro type dictator in Dear Dictator, who befriends a young girl as a penfriend.Lady Bird‘s Odeya Rush plays the young girl with the unusual pen friend an ousted dictator who turns up on her doorstep.

Universal Pictures will be releasing this one, a comedy of a girl who thought she was a rebel… until she met a real one!Check out the UK Trailer

Dear Dictator focuses on Tatiana (Odeya Rush), a misfit teen, who begins writing letters to a notorious British-Caribbean dictator, General Anton Vincent, played with great panache by the legendary Sir Michael Caine. When Vincent is overthrown in a coup, he flees to Tatiana’s home, which she shares with her single mum (Katie Holmes). While hiding out in suburbia, Anton teaches the teen how to start her own high school revolution by taking down the popular kids and grabbing all the power for herself!

Not always the best sign when a movie with the likes of an actor at the caliber of Sir Michael Caine goes directly to home release instead of cinema. Maybe this will be an unexpected gem better shared at home with your favourite scooby snack.

Dear Dictator was written and directed by the husband and wife team of Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse. With the movie been released on Digital Download and DVD, date still to be confirmed. Seth Green also stars.

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