Bluray Review-mother! (2017)

Horrifying. Just.. horrifying.

Aronofsky really got me with this one. Not only did he manage to grab me on an intellectual level, but also on an emotional one. This movie is hated by many, I know that now. But for me, this is hands down, the movie of the year. Every shot, cut, and scream is perfectly constructed to make an immersive atmosphere that never relents in its uncomfortable feeling, and the acting seriously awards worthy.

Javier Bardem is absolutely wonderful, and Jennifer Lawrence… oh man… her performance is absolutely top notch. At first, I couldn’t quite relate to her character, but as the film progressed, her mindset became my mindset, and we essentially merged into one force of fear and terror that was absolutely unstoppable until the ending. Her emotions leaked from every frame she was in, and it broke my heart and scared me witless the whole way through the film.

Aranofsky’s pacing is immaculate as well, the whole movie feeling not a second too slow or quick, the events rolling on naturally and in a way that felt very satisfying. The whole way through, I was riveted and invested by the acting and cinematography, which is definitely Aronofsky’s best I’ve seen so far. The entire film is gripping, horrifying, heartbreaking, and absolutely wonderful. Nothing about this movie pulled me out of it. Watching this in a theater was like being in a bomb shelter while the world ended, every sound apocalyptic and every camera shake filling my view. If you can, watch this on the biggest screen you can with the best surround sound you can afford. If you only watch one movie this year, make it this one.

This is why I love movies.

Peter Fletcher

Horror, Mystery | USA, 2017 | 18 | 22nd January 2018 (UK) | Paramount Home Ent. | Dir.Darren Aronofsky | Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Michelle Pfieffer, Ed Harris |Buy:[Blu-ray]