Paige Possibly Injured At WWE House Show Last Night

Only a month after her return to in-ring action, it would appear as if Paige could be on the shelf once again, following an injury scare at WWE House Show last night.

Paige possibly Injured At WWE House Show Last Night

Last night at a WWE Live event in New York, Paige appeared to have sustained an injury. During a six-woman tag-team bout as Absolution faced Mickie James, Sasha Banks and Bayley, a scary moment transpired.

According to multiple reports, Sasha Banks delivered a kick to Paige, whilst her back was said to be turned. After Banks’ kicked landed, Paige went down and the match was forced to be stopped.

Furthermore a stretcher was brought to ring-side, however the 25 year-old superstar was able to walk to the back.

Here is fan footage captured and posted on Twitter (CREDIT: @nickhirson)

Following the incident last night, some reports have suggested Paige may have suffered a stinger. However it is a worrying prospect, as she has had minor neck surgery last year. It has also been reported that she shall not likely be pulled from any upcoming events.

Additionally one shall hope that this shall not affect her entrance in the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble, which is fast approaching.

None the less, it would be a blow for the superstar as she has only just made her comeback after well over a year off WWE TV.