Netflix Review – Dark(2017)

Dark is a German program which has been launched internationally on Netflix. It has been referenced as ‘like Stranger Things, German Stranger Things’ etc. It is not! It is a great dark thriller drama, where you have no idea what is going on but slowly start putting the jigsaw puzzle together, like we had to do with Stranger Things and OA!

Dark is streamed on Netflix, and if you can I would suggest binge watching this or at least 3/4 episodes in a sitting as I got very confused, and wished I’d paid more attention in the first episode!

I was watching episode one, although I do question myself as you get further into the series and characters start falling into place! But I think one of the reasons I was unsure I was paying attention is due to the fact I was playing around with subtitles vs dubbed. I decided on dubbed in the end, but what I should have done is watched it from the start again!

Do not let the dubbing put you off, I’ve spoken with friends about Dark and they turned off halfway through episode one for that reason. Don’t do that, give the program a chance, find your preference and at least watch 2/3 episodes before making the decision to watch or not.

I only needed the first episode to know I wanted to watch more to find out what on earth was going one! That’s quite unlike me if I’m honest! But what is going on?

Children are going missing, but the issue is not where they are but when. This series is about time travel, and is set over 3 eras, each 33 years apart with the same characters in at least 2 of the periods, but obviously aged or younger. For that reason, you need to pay attention to all the characters, as you sit and work out that Jonas’ friend was actually his dad and the girl he once fancied is actually his aunt!

But there are a whole 10 episodes to get entangled in before getting to the points above! It’s not a horror, it’s just very dark, hence the title of the program. Children are going missing, someone is experimenting with time travel and using the children to perfect it, a father is searching for his son, who also had his own brother disappear 33 years earlier, and is actually the grandfather of Jonas!

You will have a lot of questions as you watch the program but it also answers these as you get further in, which is why I would suggest watching at least 2/3 episodes in one sitting to fully get a grip on the characters, there are only 10 episodes but the ending has been left so that there can be a second season.

If you like a program keeps you guessing, leaves you wondering what on earth is going on, and waiting for the next episode I would recommend giving Dark a chance to satisfy that need.

Dark is streaming on Netflix UK & Ireland now.

Crime, Drama, Mystery | Germany, 2017 | 15 | Netflix | Dir. Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese | Oliver Masucci, Karoline Eichhorn, Jördis Triebel