Film Review – Once Upon A Time At Christmas (2017)

Film Review – Once Upon A Time At Christmas (2017)


Meet Santa and Mrs. Claus: he’s a one-eyed fiend, she’s a curvy, bat-swinging blonde. This serial-killer couple is terrorizing the holidays in an upstate New York town with a series of horrific homicides. Though the victims seem random — a mall Santa, a smooching couple, an innocent family — high-schooler Jennifer and clever cop Sam begin to unravel the sinister pattern behind the slayings. Can they stop the murders before Christmas comes — and there’s no one left to celebrate?


Once upon a time at Christmas is a new festive slasher Film.

From director Paul Tanter comes this Grizzly dark Christmas slasher movies about a small town haunted by a monstrous couple dressed as Santa and Mrs clause killing off their victims one by one.

Young Jennifer finds herself the Center of it all when the killing seems to be sort of connected to her.

This was a gripping and tense slasher Film and was a sweet relief to finally get a decent Christmas slasher Film.

I really enjoyed the darkness of the film and how it made such a magical time so eerie.

I’m glad that Once Upon A Time At Christmas came about as I feel it will have many fans soon. It’s a rare treat and a fantastic watch for the holiday season!

Ross Wilcock

Horror | UK, 2017 | 15 | 11th December 2017 (UK) | Lionsgate Films | Dir:Paul Tanter | Laurel Brady, Susannah Mackay, Simon Phillips, Sayla de Goede, Brook Fletcher, Barry Kennedy, Jeff Ellenberger, Devon Mary Doherty | Rent/Buy: Once Upon a Time at Christmas

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