This Fan Made Wrestlemania 34 Poster Is Awesome!

For the past two years, WWE fans have been calling for one Wrestlemania match. This is a match that has not happened in 14 years: The Undertaker VS John Cena. While WWE would have no issue marketing their bout, check out this awesome Wrestlemania 34 poster:

(WWE: hire the creator of this poster!)

The Undertaker VS John Cena Fan Made Wrestlemania 34 Poster

The poster was found on Reddit dated January 2017, and was created by user theonlycarrot. Quite remarkably, this poster is the stuff of marketing dreams. So if WWE could possibly give this Reddit user a job, then they’d be doing something right.

This match is a Wrestlemania main-event waiting to happen. There is not a lot either have yet to achieve in their illustrious careers. But, for both superstars to finally face off at the grandest stage is probably one thing that has yet to happen, that stands out for both.

Monday night RAW’s 25th anniversary is fast approaching. So it would make sense if both The Undertaker and John Cena featured on that show. Thus, it is the perfect place to plant the seeds for a match at Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans, right?