WWE Survivor Series 2017 Review


WWE Survivor Series 2017 Review

The Shield def. New Day

This year’s Survivor Series looked to be the greatest of all time, on paper, but it never materialized. It was a dire event, except for two outstanding contests. The opener between The Shield and The New Day took awhile to get going but once it did it was electric stuff. The finish was extraordinary. The Shield going over was without doubt the correct decision, but The New Day managed to look strong in defeat too.

The Six-Man Tag opener between The Shield and The New Day was everything it was advertised to be. Admittedly it took some time to get fully going, but once the shackles were off and the hounds were released, it was amazing stuff.

The near-falls were very believable for both teams, and the finish with the triple powerbomb off the top rope was sensational. Great stuff all round.

RAW Women’s Team def. Smackdown Live! Women’s Team

Back to the women’s elimination match for a minute. Whoever’s idea it was to have Becky Lynch eliminated in the opening few minutes needs a good talking to. She was by far the best worker on the Smackdown team, not to mention the most popular. To get rid of her so quickly deflated the entire crowd and telegraphed the result in the process.

Similar can be said of the premature elimination of Bayley. This is not helping her character development one iota. The only thing they got right here was the booking of Asuka as the dominant sole survivor.

Baron Corbin def. The Miz

The Miz and Baron Corbin wrestled like they were purposely trying to put on the worst match in Survivor Series history. It really was that bad. They had pretty good heat with each other going in thanks to their personal barbs on social media, but none of that was evident once the bell rang.

We just got a regular match between two average (at best) wrestlers. The Miz can be excellent with a superior opponent, but Corbin looks a lost cause.

The Usos def. The Bar

The Usos knocked off The Bar in a disappointing affair. It was good, but I just expected so much more. It was rather slow in places, and once it got going it ended. I know these two teams can deliver a lot better in the ring. It was just a shame they didn’t bring their a-game to Survivor Series.

Charlotte def. Alexa Bliss

Charlotte and Alexa Bliss had a lengthy, but not so entertaining bout. Both women did well, but it was just void of any exciting spots to get the fans off their seats. Charlotte winning was the right call for sure, as she’s the one with all the momentum right now. I do like Bliss though, and it’s quite incredible to see how much she’s improved in these last twelve months.

Brock Lesnar def. AJ Styles

The other great match saw Brock Lesnar triumph against AJ Styles in a stirring effort. There was no laziness from The Beast here as he put in his best performance in years. As for Styles, he might just be the greatest in-ring performer of all time.

The main event really should have been Brock Lesnar against AJ Styles. It was truly phenomenal, pardon the pun. Both men worked their socks off to deliver a compelling and exciting battle.

It really was Lesnar’s best showing since SummerSlam 2013 against CM Punk. Despite the outcome never in doubt, Styles still managed to create a few believable near falls. That’s the sign of true talent right there. Hats off to both men.

Team RAW def. Team Smackdown Live!

As for the main event, it was so disjointed that it looked as if they had set it up on the day, which may very well be true. We all knew the focus would be on Triple H, Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon, which is not a problem, but the way they just blasted through the younger talent involved was startling to say the least.

The highly anticipated traditional Elimination Match for ultimate bragging rights turned out to be the biggest letdown in recent memory. How they managed to mess this one up with all the star quality at their disposal I will never know.

This should have been the greatest elimination match in Survivor Series history, but it turned out to be arguably the worst. Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor and Samoa Joe were treated as afterthoughts so the legends could shine.

John Cena looked as if he would rather be in Hollywood with a disheveled and underwhelming performance before being eliminated by Kurt Angle. Braun Strowman was the monster of the match, eliminating three members of Team Smackdown, before dropping Triple H after the match for playing a ruse on him in which The Game seemed to side with Shane McMahon after Pedigreeing Angle, but it was just so Triple H could get the glory of victory himself.

Strowman didn’t see it that way. Having Shane be the sole survivor was a little odd, and again completely telegraphed the result. There was zero drama at all. Triple H played the entire thing for laughs which seemed extremely bizaare.

As for the interference of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, they were subsequently taken out by Shane and Randy Orton like a couple of jobbers. Where has it all gone wrong for those two?

Overall, Survivor Series did not live up to the hype whatsoever. The Shield, The New Day, Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles all delivered, but the rest of the roster may as well have stayed at home. This wasn’t a patch on last year’s event which, for my money, was the greatest in history. Let’s hope for a good episode of Raw tonight to help make us forget about this one.