In A Quiet Place First Trailer Keep ‘Silent’ Or Emily Blunt May Die!

Listen closely, move carefully and never make a sound or you could just watch the first UK Trailer for A Quiet Place.Don’t make a sound or they cant hunt you, just watch the trailer below and Paramount Pictures will protect you…

Got to admit we do like the meaning behind the saying ‘Silence is Golden’ in this psychological horror, ‘Silence is survival’. Whilst it’s heavenly to our ears when you look at it, no sound delivers a sense of dread, terror which can play on your mind.

John Krasinski directs and also stars in this one, which is his third movie directing as well as the first foray into the horror genre. This looks a lot at home with the likes of It Comes At Night but instead of a post-apocalyptic setting, this one looks more supernatural. No monsters or those that terrorize Krasinski’s family are seen but you can hear them.

Emily Blunt plays Krasinski’s onscreen wife and the pair live on a remote farm. They live with their kids (played by Wonderstruck’s Millicent Simmonds & Noah Jupe (Suburbicon)), life looks nice but not all is well. They all communicate via sign language, the mystery behind the premise really pulls at your fear strings. The official synopsis is short but sweet ‘If they can’t hear you, they can’t hunt you’.

After 2017 thanks to the success of the likes of Get Out, It, even Annabelle: Creation it’s a great time to test the waters of the genre. The question is can Krasinski make this simple concept work? He uses a lot of sand, no one has shoes and they protect everything that potentially makes a sound with something that muffles sound. It’s certainly an interesting concept to play the movie what might be pure silence.

A Quiet Place doesn’t have a UK&Irish release date confirmed. In the U.S it seems to be 6th April 2018, so expect a similar release date.

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