Misfits & Dreamers Watch Monster Factory Wrestling Short

We all have ambition, dreams to succeed at something, even as wrestlers. Even those mega superstars who grace the hallowed squared ring in WWE have to start somewhere to achieve their dreams. We start at the bottom and hope one day we’ll be on of the big players like in the short documentary Monster Factory.

Tucker Bliss has directed the short film documentary around The Monster Factory where Misfits and Dreamers who want to be Pro-wrestlers. A Small training school based in New Jersey town of Paulsboro where the blood, sweat, tears, drop. Nothing is fake just normal people wanting to be part of the next generation of professional wrestlers, can you smell, lalalalaaaa what Tucker Bliss is cooking? ‘Ohh Yeah!’

In the small town of Paulsboro, New Jersey the religion is pro-wrestling and its temple is The Monster Factory. Over the past 30 years, pilgrims of all creeds, colours, shapes and sizes have made their way to this modest, repurposed high school gym, eager to escape the realities of their normal lives to pursue a place within a world of entertainment largely dismissed as fake. Despite what you may believe, one thing is certain – when it comes to the no bullshit, get-it-done training style of owner/head coach Danny ‘Cage’, you can’t fake the blood, sweat, tears, and focus it takes to make dreams come true.

So before you think the likes of Triple H, Seth Rollins, Stone Cold Steve Austin, or any of the greats in the sports entertainment had it easy, think again. We all have to start somewhere. Woooo!

Source: ShortOfTheWeek

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